Thursday, December 8, 2011

One Week Left

I have just over one week left in Europe. Krissy keeps telling me that I should stop counting down and enjoy my time left here, but it is hard when I am so ready to come home. As I have wondered why I am so homesick, I have come to the following conclusion: during my entire time here I was always looking forward to my next trip. Even the weekends I spent in Brussels, I was trying to experience everything. I have managed to stay so busy hanging out with friends, studying, and going to my internship that I never made Belgium my home. So now, when the next trip is home, I realize all that I don't have here.
Brussels has never felt like home, even though technically I have lived here longer than I have lived in Pandora. But Pandora is my home because I made it that way. I put down my roots and made a place for myself there. I even joined Grace Mennonite Church back in March because I found in the congregation a welcoming home. EMU is also another home I have built for myself. I put down roots there with a community of friends and mentors that will always be there for me and are awaiting my return. But being here in Europe, I never put down any roots. I saw this as an adventure of which I would come home from. I don't know if it is a good or bad thing I did not make a home here. Part of the problem was that four months is not a long time and I know once I leave I am not coming back, at least not for a long time.
Even though Brussels is not my home, there are several things I am going to miss. These include people watching on my commute to school and internship, traveling to a different country as a weekend excurision, dressing European without standing out, attending different concerts and performances, meeting new people from all over the world, eating waffles all the time, seeing hundred of year old buildings on a daily basis, eating frites as a complete meal, having class with ten different nationalities, and probably most of all I will miss my roommate Krissy, who has become my best friend in the last four months. As much as I am looking forward to going home, saying goodbye will be hard and bittersweet, as most goodbyes in life are.

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