Monday, August 27, 2012

Senior Year... YIKES!

          I cannot believe that I am back at EMU for my final year of college! Where have the past three years gone?!? I got here a week ago after a fun road trip down here with my parents. We left on a Friday afternoon, drove to Cincinnati and watched a Reds game that night (in which they soundly destroyed the Cubs!!!!) then spent the night in a hotel. The next afternoon we went to the Western & Southern Open professional tennis tournament also held in Cincinnati every year. We saw the Novak Djokovic beat Juan Martin Del Potro and Roger Federer beat Stan Wawrinka in the men's semifinals (Roger went on to win the event). After tennis we drove to Charleston, West Virginia for the night before completing our journey to Harrisonburg.
          This past week I have been on campus for PA training and orientation. Here on campus a PA stands for Pastoral Assistant. As a PA, I am in charge of mentoring a group of Ministry Assistants (MA's) who lead Bible studies in the dorms, helping with Chapels, and other things Campus Ministry related. The week was really good beginning with a retreat with the other six PA's and campus pastors, then getting to know all the new MA's. Saturday, then, I helped Freshmen move into the dorms and help with a couple things for Freshmen and Transfers orientation. Part of these duties come from my new position as Student Government Association (SGA) secretary. Last spring no one ran for this position so the co-presidents nominated me as someone they believed would do a good job. SGA is mainly in charge of distributing money to different clubs and causes and it will be my job to record minutes for the meetings and meet weekly with the executive council.
          As mentioned in previous blogs, I will also be co-president of Peace Fellowship again, focusing on the Conflict-Free Campus Initiative. Josh and I are meeting tomorrow to discuss the semester and our first event, a documentary called Blood in the Mobile is showing in 2 weeks from tonight! Another fun duty I have taken on is "Chicken Mother." The Earthkeeps club on campus takes care of the campus chickens and I have volunteered to be in charge of them while the normal person is in Washington DC for the semester. As Chicken Mother I put together a list of people to feed and water them everyday and just make sure they are all right and doing anything extra that needs to be done (such as cleaning the coop that I did on Thursday). We have 13 chickens, although we think now 2 are roosters which could cause problems. I am expecting that they will become my pets as we go throughout the semester.
          If you don't think I am busy enough, I will also be working weekends at Back Home on the Farm, a local farm that has a corn maze and other fun activities for kids. I do like working in the farm environments and decided that this could be a fun way to make a little extra cash in September and October. I also will be doing some tutoring again in the Academic Support Center (where I have worked for the past two years) when they need me.
         So in between all these other roles, I also plan on taking some classes. I register today and hope to only be taking 13 credits this semester. I am not for sure on exactly what classes yet, but I will post once I have that finalized. But I can say that I am really looking forward to the ones I think I am going to take and really to the whole semester. It will be busy, but I think very rewarding. It really is crazy that I am a senior, and I don't really want this to end, but I am now realizing that there are other adventures waiting on the horizon.

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