Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Classes and other happenings

          So as usual, my life continues to be constantly busy. My classes have started off well. This semester I am only taking 13 credit hours, but don't worry, I will be just as busy. I have Cultural Anthropology with Peter Dula, Race and Gender with Deanna Durham, Conflict Transformation and Mediation with Jane Ellen Reid, History of the Middle East directed study with Mary Sprunger, and Intro to History Seminar with Mark Sawin. The classes are all quite different from each other, but so far I have really enjoyed each. History of the Middle East is different because I am not in class but will be doing a lot more reading and research on my own. I really hope to do a lot on Iraq and Kurdistan for the class as I am sure the situation will interest me more after I have spent time there. For my Intro to History Seminar, I am trying to decide on a topic in which to write my Senior History paper for next semester. I am considering right now on researching Mennonites who have gone into peace work for secular or non-Mennonite organizations.
         People have been asking me about how I will be making up two weeks worth of classes when I go to Iraq. Well, I have talked to my professors, and mostly I will be doing the reading from the time gone on my own and taking my mid-term either early or late. I will then probably talk about my time in Iraq as it relates to each class. I am now scheduled to talk about my experiences in Iraq in Chapel on October 19 (less than two days after I get back!) and in a coffee house on Monday, October 29. As the time is coming closer, I am feeling all the more excited! I am trying to get through some of the pre-departure reading, which is a challenge to fit in with my course work.
          Other things are on my mind too, though. Last night we screened the documentary Blood in the Mobile about conflict minerals in Congo. Over 50 people turned out at the event! I believe that this is one of the best showings for any documentary, and I know that I have never seen Common Grounds (our campus coffee shop) so quiet! We (Josh and I) are hosting a planning meeting for the semester on Tuesday night and we hope many who were at the documentary show up for that! It feels really good to be getting student support! Tomorrow night is also the first meeting of Peace Fellowship and I have been meeting quite regularly with my co-president, Krista Nyce, to discuss and plan different events coming up. We have a lot of things planned and this month is sure to be crazy busy with peace stuff!
         Much else is happening in my life, but I cannot share everything on a space where anyone might read. Plus, I have books to read, papers to write, dinner to cook, events to plan, emails to email, and much more! So until next time my dear readers!

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