Sunday, May 19, 2013

Summer 2013 Update

          With summer officially begun, many of you might be wondering what I am up to this summer...what sort of adventures are in store for me now? One of the first adventures to occur is the taking of the GRE! For those who don't know, the GRE stands for Graduate Record Exam and is the SAT for grad school. Although I don't plan on applying to grad school for a couple of years, I decided now was the best time to take this test, when I don't have a job and can devote time to studying. The scores are good for five years, then. I take the test on Monday, June 17. Until then, I am once again a full time student, brushing up on vocabulary and math skills.
         However, even before the test I am taking two shorter adventures. The first is a trip to Cincy to have a couple day retreat at the monastery. I am really looking forward to a time of reflection and retreat in that sacred space! My time there will end with my parents and I attending a Reds baseball game. Then, in two weeks, my best friend Jana and I will be taking a four day camping trip to Northern Michigan! I am so excited to spend this time with her before she gets married in October and I head off to another part of the world.
         The last week in June, I am heading to the cabin in Colorado with my family and friend Amy for a week. I then fly from Denver to Phoenix for Mennonite Convention, where I am a young adult delegate for Central District Conference. After convention, I fly back to Colorado where several of my college friends will meet me. We will then spend another week at the cabin, hiking, exploring, and spending quality time together. I will then road trip to Maryland (with stops in Kansas, Indiana, Ohio, and Virginia) to begin my orientation with Brethren Volunteer Service. This orientation lasts from July 16- August 2.
         Most likely at that point, I will go back to Virginia to celebrate the birthday of a dear friend, before coming back to Ohio to work on the farm in August. Plans in September are up in the air right now, but hopefully it will be a time to visit people before I leave the country. Jana is getting married on October 12, then I leave soon after that for Europe!
         It is a busy summer, but I am really looking forward to everything (with the exception of the GRE). I also decided that my blog needed some freshening up, so I gave it a new look. Hope you like it dear readers!

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