Sunday, February 2, 2014

In Training

          This summer I began a new endeavor called running. I have never been a runner and honestly have hated running for most of my life. However, I really wanted to get into shape and be able to self-motivate myself to do something that was out of character for me. In the last eight months, I have tried to be self-disciplined and go out running every other day. This has not happened. I have had really good weeks, but then I will go a month without running at all. However, I made the decision that running is not going to be something I give up and I made it a goal to run a half-marathon sometime in the next year or so.
          Then, I found out on Monday that Osijek has a half marathon on March 30. Although people recommend training for 12 weeks leading up to a half marathon, I decided that I wanted to do this. And so, I am declaring to the world that I am officially in training! They say that the more people you tell, the more likely you are to actually do it. However, I did not want to make it blog public until finishing my first week. I have finished my first week of training and so far, so good! I am really going to do this!
          I have a somewhat strict training regiment that I will be trying to keep, as well as eating as healthy as I can. Like running, I have had problems keeping up with healthy eating habits. I will eat really healthy for a while, but then I will be tempted and binge eat. But not this time! I figure that if I can relate my eating to helping conquer this half-marathon, I will better be able to make healthy eating habits. Nine weeks is a long time and by openly-committing myself to a plan of training and eating well, I believe that not only will I run a half-marathon, but I can also make good habits that can continue long after the race is over. And I would love to have you keep me accountable! Ask me how I am doing! Send me healthy recipes to try! Or even better, join me with your own training goals. Maybe you don't want to run a half-marathon, but we can all exercise more regularly and commit ourselves to healthy foods.
          If you are interested in my training plan, I am trying to follow the following schedule with my long runs occurring on Saturdays. Or, if you are in Osijek and want to join me in a run or a healthy meal, just let me know! 

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  1. I'm participating in the Pittsburgh marathon! But I'm doing it as a relay. Aaand it's not until May. I should probably train for it... In other words, you go girl!