Thursday, June 14, 2012

Zoos and Kansas

Here I am in Kansas, exploring a different part of the infinite abyss. The last few weeks have actually gone really well for me. I finished up strawberry picking last Thursday morning and am so glad to be done! Friday my parents and I went to the Columbus Zoo! It has been voted one of the best zoos in the country, so I have been wanting to visit for a while. It really was a great zoo, although it was quite busy. After the zoo, we ate at our favorite Columbus restaurant, Abuelo’s before heading to a Clipper’s (the minor league baseball team) game. Saturday was spent working in my garden, then on Sunday I watched the French Open before it was called for rain and packing.
            Monday after watching Nadal win his seventh French Open (VAMOS RAFA!) I drove the thirteen hours to my grandma’s house in Newton. Tuesday I went to the Sedgwick County Zoo in Wichita with my grandma, my aunt Barb and uncle Sam, cousin Beth, her husband Alan, and their two kids, Simon and Nadia. I really enjoyed being there with Simon who is three and the perfect age to really enjoy a lot of the animals. The zoo itself has also been voted in the top ten zoos in the country. It is not nearly as big as Columbus, but you are able to get so close to the animals and I think I prefer it. Highlights include seeing the elephant training up close and personal, going through their jungle, and feeding the giraffes! The giraffes would come right up and stick out their tongues to grab the leaves in my hand!
            Yesterday, Grandma and I ran some errands and explored downtown Newton a little bit. After an afternoon nap, Barb and Sam with Beth and the kids came over for dinner. I loved being able to catch up more with Beth and play with Simon and Nadia. This morning Beth and I played tennis together in McPherson. It felt so good to be back out on the court and have some fun with Beth. So far, this break is really just what I needed. I have been able to relax and hear some more about my grandma’s life. I enjoy having the chance to get to know her better, while also relaxing and spending time with my cousin Beth who has always been such an inspiration to me.

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  1. Aww, thanks Julia! Being with you was a highlight of my time in Kansas. Glad to hear about your Colorado adventures! Can't wait to head to the cabin later this summer. Love you!