Friday, October 18, 2013

The Moments You Don't Talk About

        I want to take a moment to talk about some of the moments in life that don't usually get written about. Those moments when you come down from a high. Those moments when you realize that you cannot be happy all the time and loneliness and sadness begins to set in. Not the extreme feelings of depression, but the everyday moments when you remember all of your insecurities and just want someone to recognize and appreciate you, but yet you don't make the effort to find someone. The moments when you are tired and can't seem to be brave, even though if you would, you would be happier. The moments when all you do is watch tv because then you forget the fact you are alone.
         I am not writing this post to have people worry about me, because I am in fact doing great. I am in Switzerland and am having a really good orientation. I am excited about my train trip to Croatia tomorrow (!). But, I want this blog to be honest. I don't want to remember only the good parts, but also the parts like tonight, which are quite ordinary. As I have been learning in the last few years, life does not go in a straight line, but is a series of ups and downs. These times are normal, but are rarely expressed. So here's to tonight. May I find blessing in the solitude and rest before my next adventure.

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